Stadiums sound system

Informing and stirring up supporters, enabling partners to broadcast messages, and sometimes ensuring safety - these all make the sound equipment an essential element in the organisation of sporting events. The sound equipment in a stadium or arena demands both high volume and perfect control of the directivity.

It can also require the installation of products suitable for issuing instructions during an evacuation, which must therefore hold the EN 54-24 certification. The speakers are often installed in damp environments, such in outdoor stadiums or ice rinks, for example.

The sound equipment in a stadium must cover numerous spaces, with very different requirements: the stands require a high volume, then there are the traffic areas, in which voice intelligibility will be crucial, and the VIP boxes, bars, and restaurants, where Hi-Fi quality sound is often desired.

Stadiums are often versatile venues that can host corporate seminars or conventions, and where the assigned areas are required to offer functionalities similar to those found in conference rooms.


Installation of sound equipment in stadiums: the right questions to ask

The installation of sound equipment in a sporting venue requires that the space be divided into zones in order to broadcast a variety of different messages, or indeed music. Right from the start of the project, it is important to ask yourself: which are the zones that are accessible to the public? To VIPs? To traffic? To players? To sponsors?...

Sponsors and partners play an increasingly important role in the economy of a club. What are the expectations of the sponsors in terms of sound equipment? How important are advertising announcements? And the sound environment in the VIP boxes? These questions will allow you to determine the desired level of quality for the sporting event sound system, area by area.

Sound systems are also essential for the players, whether for announcements in the changing rooms, or to provide information in the playing area. What is the impact of a lack of sound equipment in a stadium or of quality failings in terms of sound equipment on the experience of the home or visiting players? This question will often prevent you from overlooking the areas that would otherwise appear unessential…


Arena sound equipment: responses

Offering good directivity control and a high sound level for improved intelligibility, the APG SPOT 2.6 speaker enable the broadcasting of sound in the stands and playing areas of stadiums and arenas.

Certified for use as a safety PA system (EN 54-24), the Active Audio Ray-On column speakers represent the ideal solution for the installation of sound equipment in outdoor areas and corridors. Their robust design also means they can adapt perfectly to the chlorinated world of swimming pools.

The Active Audio Vendôme and APG iX ranges enable the realisation of discreet and high-quality sound systems for areas such as VIP boxes, press rooms, bars, and restaurants.

Arbane Groupe products offer both tailored acoustic solutions and a wide range of accessories that enable the simple and discreet integration of equipment in to the various spaces within stadiums and arenas. The APG DA amplifiers and processors enable the configuration of presets and safeguards, for optimal sound quality combined with complete safety. Arbane Groupe products are guaranteed for 5 years.