Conference rooms sound system

Sound, although essential, is an aspect that is often overlooked in conference rooms. The sound system must be versatile in order to amplify the voices of speakers seated in the gallery, or to broadcast audiovisual media from a video projection, or even small-scale concerts. The installation of sound equipment in a conference room thus requires the use of speakers that cover the entire audio spectrum, and that can also generate a comfortable sound level.

Within a conference room, the audiovisual system must be coherent and the audio quality must be capable of supporting the video and communication technologies implemented within the room. A conference room project must be carefully considered so as to deliver a coherent and high-quality tool.


Installation of sound equipment in conference rooms: the right questions to be asking

A conference room is a costly project, and as such, defining the ways in which the room is to be used: conferences only, rental, events… represents the starting point for the project. Once the project has been defined, its technical environment must be analysed in order to dimension the sound system. Is a system consisting of several speakers distributed throughout the room required? This would be an ideal solution for conference rooms equipped with lecterns containing speakers. Is the interior architecture an important factor? In this case, column speakers combined with subwoofers that will have to be concealed would be a suitable system. Is the hosting of events an aspect that is central to your concerns? In this case you will have to choose a system with a large bandwidth, of the line array type, whereby installation will require that you compromise the visual appearance of the room.


Installation of sound equipment in conference rooms: solutions

The installation of sound equipment in large conference rooms requires the conducting of detailed studies. APG and ACTIVE AUDIO speakers come with comprehensive technical specifications, enabling consultants, design offices, and architects to plan the installation and performance of the sound system (data available at and The Arbane Groupe design office also makes its expertise available to sound equipment users and professionals with a view to defining the optimal solution for each project.

The speakers from the APG iX range enable the realisation of discreet and powerful multicasting systems. The column speakers from the Active Audio StepArray range will be suitable for rooms where visual compromise and installation are the primary concerns. With the Array Uniline Compact line, APG offers a modular and versatile solution for the most demanding of events.

As a result, the most prestigious conference rooms around the world use APG and Active Audio speakers: Royal Geographical Society (London); United Nations Headquarters (Geneva), the French Senate (Paris)…