Sustainable development has been one of the company’s core values for several years. As such, the consideration of social and environmental aspects within Arbane Groupe must:

  • Ensure the sustainability of the company, that it might continue to pursue its mission in the long term.
  • Prepare a liveable and pleasant world for future generations.
  • Respect our environment and our planet, in order that they might be passed on to our children in condition that is better than that in which we found them.

The consideration of these objectives guides the strategic and operational decisions of Arbane Groupe. As such, the company must be profitable in order to fund investments that prepare for the future, and to ensure that employees are paid fairly for the work they do.

The three key words when it comes to the management of human resources within the company are justice (fair pay for all, equal treatment and equivalent perks, regardless of a person’s origin, gender, or age), balance (in particular between private and professional life), and work enjoyment.

Respect for the environment translates into the minimisation of our carbon footprint, which must be integrated into the design, manufacture, and distribution of our products.

The action plans and indicators for each of these criteria are established with a view to reducing our burden on the environment on a daily basis.